‘Richard Wood – Canadian Fiddler’

Sue Martin offers commissioned portraiture in a variety of medium and techniques: from drawings in graphite, coloured pencil or pastel, to paintings in watercolours or oils.

Sue prefers to meet the subjects (people or animals) for ‘a sitting’ if possible, and that might be at the client’s home, her studio, or an agreed location. There she’ll be able to discuss the setting, the formality, the pose, the lighting etc, but most importantly it enables her to get to know a little of the character of the person, or the animal, she’ll be working on. Sue will take a series of hi-resolution digital photographs and will email a selection to the client to decide on the image she’ll work from. Sometimes it’s hard to organise a sitting so Sue will consider working from images that are sent to her.

The time it takes to complete a portrait will depend on size, medium and detail requested. A typical A3 portrait drawing in graphite, or coloured pencil, would take between 5-7 days. Allow several weeks for a oil painting to be completed and fully dried.

Commissioned portrait prices range from £250-£1000+

Please do not hesitate to contact Sue if you’d like to discuss a potential commission.